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zigit golf heroes

keep your customers moving
with zigit

zigit product select app screen
zigit is a mobile, app-enabled retail platform for venues to achieve easy, convenient and profitable self-serve dispensing of can and bottle alcohol.
Increase Profits

incremental drink sales

Save Time
30 seconds

or less to get your drinks

American Airlines Center
Dallas Mavericks
Dallas Stars



simple and easy user experience

our app-based platform uses facial recognition to validate eligibility to purchase alcohol

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Product Select App Screen
Checkout App Screen
authenticate & pay
dispense & enjoy
Face ID Authentication App Screen
Enjoy your alcohol responsibly
zigit dispensing stations

provide customers with the ice-cold beer and mixed drinks wherever and whenever they want, without waiting

zigit Dispensing Box
30 Seconds or Less to Dispense
Standard 110 Power Outlet
Indoor & Outdoor Weather Rating
450-720 Drink Capacity
Up to 10 SKUs


our zigit platform, your sales advantage
elevate your customer experience and satisfaction with a no-hassle service platform
increase profitability
Increase Profits
  • boost sales with convenient dispensing station locations
  • increase alcohol compliance & controls
  • maximize customer satisfaction
decrease losses​ 
Decrease Losses
  • reduce overhead and staffing costs
  • lower inventory shrinkage
  • minimize customer wait times

Enter ZIGIT, an app-enabled alcoholic beverage vending technology for venues that aims to upgrade golf clubs’ liquid concession game by generating incremental revenue at higher margins.

Introducing ZIGIT has not only streamlined our processes but also boosted alcohol sales by eliminating long lines. Our customers love the convenience!

Ben K.
zigit partner

with ZIGIT, we've seen a significant uptick in adult beverage sales as customers appreciate the swift and hassle-free shopping experience

Michael N.
zigit partner
sell their favorite alcoholic drinks with zigit!

sell their favorite ice-cold drinks with zigit!

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